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Persimmon Leather


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Persimmon Leather

This recipe, was offered by W.F. Fletcher (1915) in "The Native Persimmon".  As is the case with many recipes of this vintage, it is pretty short on detail.  

Spread a layer of ripe persimmon pulp on waxed paper or on a large platter.  Dry in the sun., in a fruit evaporator, or in the oven of a stove, theaving the oven doors open.  

Remove the seeds.  Add another layer of pulp, and repeat until the leather is of a thickness to handle easily.  The leather may be diced or minced and used in place of raisins, or citron in fruit cakes, cookies, or puddings.


Fletcher, W. F.  1915.  The Native Persimmon.  Farmer's Bulletin 685.  United States Department of Agriculture.  Government Printing Office, Washinton, D.C.  25 pp.