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Persimmon Poetry:
Somewhere Frost Is On The Pumpkin by Melvin Ryber (1918)

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Somewhere Frost Is On The Pumpkin

"When the frost is on the pumpkin" doesn't often come to mind
In this land of early harvests where a corn shock's hard to find;
But the crispness and the tingle of the frosty, snappy days
'Minds us serious, hard-boiled Yankees of our boyhood autumn days.

Starts us thinkin' of persimmons 'nd of winter apple trees.
'Nd of slippin' through th' clearin' when the ground begins t' freeze
After squirrels--maybe rabbits--dog-a-sticken' at our heels--
Nippy, crisp old autumn weather--how outlandish good it feels!

Somehow folks get close together 'nd a feller's life means more.
When we have to rustle firewood 'nd to shut the outside door:
When we hate to get up mornin's an' around the fire we flock--
Somewhere frost is on the pumpkin 'nd the fodder's in the shock.

Melvin Ryber
printed in
The Stars and Stripes (Paris, France edition): December 27, 1918, Volume 1, Number 47.