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Persimmon Poetry:

Of 'Possums And Persimmons

by Reverend John F. Dorsey (~1970)
Picture of branch with persimmons
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Of 'Possums And Persimmons

by Reverend John F. Dorsey, (1916-      )

Mr. 'Possom is a farmer
And his crop? Persimmon trees!
Many a woodland stocks his product
And he grows his crop with ease.

How he loves those ripe persimmons
Sweet as syrup, smooth as silk --
Like a gourmet loves his entrees
Like a baby loves his milk.

They must meet his hidden hunger
They must satisfy his needs.
But he does not eat for nothing
Sowing far and wide the seeds.

Thank you, Lord, for Mr. 'Possum!
I like ripe persimmons, too.
Kissed with sun and frost and raindrops
Washed with fog and morning dew.

small sketch of a Virginia opossum a.k.a. a 'possum

This poem is reprinted here by permission of the author (2009).  It was originally published in both of the two references below.  Reverend Dorsey published a number of books and none had published dates associated with them.  The one reference below from 1970 was inscribed as such by Reverend Dorsey.

Dorsey, John F.  1970.  "Of 'Possums And Persimmons." I Heard Them Saying That God Was Dead, And Other Poems To Ponder.  Cincinnati, OH: Self-published.  26.

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